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Car Batteries

We stock a large range of Banner batteries. Banner manufacture an efficient starter battery for all areas of application, which offers above-average life and minimum quality fluctuations.

Test results in detail:

  • Technical test - very good
  • Water consumption - very good
  • Charging capacity - very good
  • Vibration resistance - very good
  • Electrostatic discharge - very good
  • Cyclical resistance - very good

The independent test verdict of the Stiftung Warentest represents further proof of the high quality of all Banner brand batteries.

Banner has responded to the stringent demands of the automotive industry by developing the battery of the future in the form of its calcium/calcium technology Power Bull. Modern vehicles need modern charge management and the Power Bull´s low water requirement makes it the battery with minimum self-discharge. Moreover, record service life and 4-chamber leak protection for maximum operational safety guarantee a powerful start for years to come!

The advantages of the Power Bull at a glance:

  • Optimum operational safety
  • Integrated backfire protection
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Environment- and user-friendly
  • Calcium power for a flying start
  • High levels of operational safety

Hot starts even in the coldest temperatures.

The consumer protection organisation tests 16 car batteries.

Banner Batteries
Banner Power Bull

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